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Unachievable Perfection

I’m never going to be fucking happy with myself no matter how hard I try. I strive for perfection so when I fall short I can’t help but hate myself. Everyone and everything is so cliche. “you are beautiful, don’t let anyone tell you your not” “your amazing and if anyone else thinks differently then screw them” when really its all just a bunch of bullshit. The day anyone of them can practice what they preach then we may have an okay world but when really, they will go out that day and see that one girl and think wow she’s ugly, or think some other shitty thought about them. You can’t help it. It’s human nature to judge someone by how they look. You are just comparing yourself to them or your image of perfection. If your better then your fine but if not then you feel insecure. Plain and simple. So everyone is insecure about something. I have yet to meet one girl who isn’t. Most of my friends think they are fat. And the rest think they are ugly, but when I look at them all I think is “I wish I could be as pretty as them, or as small as them” each one of us has our own idea of perfection. (which half the time is the most opposite of us and the most unachievable thing) so when really its not our judging people that’s the problem. It’s our judgement of ourselves. If we could all just stop judging ourselves and stop trying to be our “perfect” then we wouldn’t have to hate ourselves and want better. If we could just see ourselves as perfect right now. No one would have a problem.